Angel Message – Heaven Is In Your Heart

Angels come and go, to help others in the flow.

What we have to say rings true especially when you’re down or blue.

So when you wish to beat at heaven’s gate it is within your heart you must take.

Your being is so alive with love and where we are by your side.

Never fear, we are always here.

– Your Angels

copyright (c) 2012 LisaK.  Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman


2 responses to “Angel Message – Heaven Is In Your Heart

  1. I love your messages from the angels. I truly want to connect with them but feel I don’t have the skill or gift. I do pray to them often for so e guidance and strength. 🙂 I hope they hear me

    • Hi Vicki! I’m glad you like the angel messages! You do have the skill and gift to connect to angels, everyone does. You merely need to build your relationship with them, and what that means is learning how to notice their messages. Once you do that, you can recognize that they are with you all the time. Prayer is a great first step. Then they may send you a sign, it may be a feather on the ground, or a coin, or words on a license plate, or perhaps numbers you see pop up all the time. You can ask them for a sign, my angel number is 444, and they show that number to me everywhere! I think I’ll post an article here on how to connect to your angels, so you can practice and learn to connect. It’s all about practicing and being open to notice your angel messages. They don’t need to practice hearing us because they hear us all the time, but sometimes we need to practice hearing them! Thank you for posting a comment here, I welcome your thoughts! oh…. and yes they DO hear you. Angel Blessings, Lisa K.

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