What is life like after death?

Given the present views you have of life, things will change only in that you will no longer have a body that is flesh and blood.  You will have a body that is etheric, comprised of energetic-consciousness.   From your perspecitve you will not die, you will be given an expanded awareness of your being, in that, you will then discover you are more than you thought you were.  Your knowledge of your so called  Higher Self will become wider and deeper, in that you will become the expanded awareness of that vastness in scope.   You will retain your identity and your uniqueness, but you will find that it is easier to communicate so to speak with other beings since you will instantly know what it is they are ‘thinking’  but you are no longer thinking, you are more “being”.  Thinking requires a singularity of force that transcends through a time line process.  This singularity then focuses your mind-thoughts into a sequence of thoughts, or events that you call your thoughts.  There is more of a multi-time dimension aspect to your thinking, since time will no longer be linear.   You can be here and there at will, and seemingly at the same time.  So your perspective of reality will change.  It will be exciting at first to be free of the bonds of your physicalness.  But you will regain your state of usualness that you had, before you were physical, and quickly adapt.

You will see that there are others like you, that are noncorporeal, but you will now relate to them, as an awareness of being, rather than a separate and inconsistent being.  You will understand the intricacies of their thoughts, and how you and they relate in every movement of interaction.   It is a smoother relationship.  For you will not be able to hide your thoughts/feelings nor intentions.  So in this honesty you will therefore breed/necessitate compassion.

You will, again, still be an individual and have relationships with other individuals but you will have a deeper more meaningful harmony between your conscious understanding of who they are and what they mean to you.

Will our previous relatives and friends be there?  
All you have ever known and will ever meet will be there interminably because you cannot die and you cannot not be.  What form you take when you incarnate in a physical being does not change who you ultimately are, or more what you are.  Your change of clothing, is just that, a new suit that you wear.  But you must remember that you are much more than your suit, or what you would term “our body”. You are bigger, grander and larger than that.  So that part of you which is “outside” your body as well as in your body, is and always will be accessible to all others.  So your friends and relatives who have passed before you, are there, accessible to you, as they always are.  It is a matter of awakening, to open eyes that you didn’t know you had.

Now for the matter of reincarnation, you fear that those who have left before you, then won’t be there when you return “home”.  You will meet them again, only because time does not truly exist.  It only exists in your perspective of the physical world.  The world is beyond the physical, it is only one cube of dimension, that is part of a much larger perspective.  When you die, that perspective then returns, and you see all of the individuals in their past selves, as well as their future and currrent beings.  So they do not leave, for they never left.  For you haven’t left either, you are just not aware.

Are there no bodies no faces?
At first there are bodies and faces, but you become to realize that those bodies you had in your physical life, is not a body that you own, it is merely a concept that allows you to relate to a boundary of where you stop and someone else begins.  That boundary becomes less distinct in your expanded consciousness of energetic-consciousness.  You are then aware of a being that extends out truly indefinitely, but with less distinct lines of demarcation.  Faces are there for you to recognize who you “left” behind when you were physical, but you soon see these faces in a different light, a different recognition of the individual/person, you begin to recognize their energy on all levels of awareness, your senses become multitudinal.  For those senses are now etheric and pure energetic-consciousness.  Just as you sometimes know that someone is standing next to you, and you know it is your friend or your loved one, it is like that, but beyond description. It is more expansive.

 What is consciousness like?  Are there no longer conflicts?
Consciousness is a “being” that cannot be described in words.  It is a limited way of describing something that is indescribable through words.  So to give you some indication of what you may experience, it is like a new realization of a world around you,  it is an expandedness that you never experienced before in the physical.  The physical makes you feel as if you are so contracted, so limited in your awareness of not just being, but also of conscious understanding of the things going on around you.  You cannot be, feel, and understand everything, as things are happening at once.  But this is the contraction you must be in, to understand the physical linearity of the world you are in when you are in body.  So then, consciousness then becomes faster, more fleeting in that you will raise your vibration when you leave your body, you will then be conscious of things that race at a pace that is blinding for you now. But when you are in that higher vibration you will easily follow those racing images, thoughts, feelings, and awareness.  This is how you are able to conceive of things that seem inconceivable now.

Conflicts are a matter of perspective in your world now.  It is that you feel you do not agree with another.  But then, it is also an aspect of your not being aware of the entire situation, including the perspective of the person or thing you are in conflict with.  So your perspective of things will change, such that conflicts are no longer defined as an understanding that does not match, for in your expanded state of awareness, you will be understood in all matter of things, at many, many levels.  It becomes an overall understanding, and therefore, it is no longer a disconnect, but rather a deeper understanding of the situation.- the Angels

copyright © 2011 Lisa K.


4 responses to “What is life like after death?

  1. Wow! What a post! So deep and wonderful!
    I will have to read and re-read it so that all its messages can sink in.
    So why do we bother experiencing the lower vibrations in human form? To grow? To enrich our experience in the non physical?
    My thanks to the Angels.

  2. WOW again. How absolutely fascinating and confusing at the same time. This is not really what I had pictured would happen when I crossed over. I thought it would be all bliss, nothing like being on earth, and had no idea there would be any kind of faces for us to know one another. Amazing.
    It is also amazing that you were channeled this. Thank you, Lisa for sharing

  3. So what does one do with their eternal time after death?

    • Good question! I think that ‘life’ on the other side is so different from what we know. But from what I understand, you can ‘create’ whatever you’d like, things manifest instantly through thought. But, remember, your consciousness and awareness isn’t like here either. You can be every where and any where at the same time. The ‘world’ as you know it in heaven may be nothing like what you experience here, it may be more beautiful, more expansive and unlike anything you can think of. This is what those who connect to spirit seem to imply.

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