Relax and Go Easy

You must take the time to not be so hard on yourself.  That you want to do so much at once is not a good thing for your body.  So relax and go easy.  There should be more practice on the flow of life, rather than the working at it.

So if you let life bring to you what you need and have more faith that things will come to you, then you will see and believe that there is much more going on than just what you think you make happen.

In effect, you do make these things happen, it is just not with your conscious will and your hands on work, it is with your inner mind and the connection you have with source and it’s grandeur.

That is the best way to flow and make things in your life go the way you wish. It is a clear path for you that is free from obstacles, that does not have stops or gaps. You can just move freely, from one end to another.

– the Angels

copyright © 2010 Lisa K.


2 responses to “Relax and Go Easy

  1. Another lovely message, Lisa, thank you! This is what I tell myself these days: want what you want and then let it all go, leave it all up to God and flow while focusing on love and fun. When I manage to do it, everything goes well. Wonder I ever stray…i guess I’m human. 🙂

  2. thank you Lisa for channeling these messages from the Angels that come to me just when i need to hear them. the confluence of intuition (to tune into your site today and see what is there) and the gentle wisdom of the Angels that speak right to my too busy heart is a phenomenon in itself.

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