What is Life all about?


What is Life all about?

How do you go about living? Why is it that life seems like a strange conundrum, a puzzle, a riddle to figure out? Whence you came from is where you go back to, in fact, you do not return but you realize that you are here to begin with. It is not a search but a discovery.

Discovering for yourself makes it more real, more just, more emphatic that it is the truth, for it becomes Your truth.

So in searching for your truth you discover who you are, and who you are is who you’ve always been, and therefore it no longer is a mystery. It is merely an awakening, a remembering, a Becoming to Be.

So we return back to life, how do you go about living? By discovery.

–  Lisa K.’s Guides copyright © 2010 Lisa K.


7 responses to “What is Life all about?

  1. Lisa, beautifully said. Thank you for saying this at the exact moment I needed to hear it (ahhh, the angels at work!!) Love, Cathy

  2. You’re welcome! The angel messages seem to reach those who need it most!
    Love, Lisa K.

  3. The discovery still bugs me. 🙂 I would like to know now. I have this fantasy that my life would be easier if I just knew who I was and what I’m supposed to be doing. Keep the messages coming. They’re always inspired. Always helpful. Love,

  4. late the other night, i lay awake, i heard my name in the silence of the night, i replied here i am lord like the in the first part of samual in the bible was told to do, then i remembered a part in the bible i heard about that says to be still and know that he is GOD. i stilled my mind as much as possable, then a thought came to me to take a morning walk in the park, my husband and i went for a walk the next morning. i had my eyes open to every thing, i seen a older man walking who seemed happy when i said hi. its one of them mysterys. i try to understand.

  5. “Discovering for yourself makes it more real, more just, more emphatic that it is the truth for it becomes Your truth.”

    I can relate so well to that line. I feel I discover every day – something different than perhaps what others discover, but it’s mine and it feel “real.” It strengthens my connection to the mystery.

    Thank you for calling this to mind.

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