On Christmas Day


Born on Christmas Day was Christ to give you a remembrance of your own birth of God within you, so you may grow into the fullness of what your soul doth has for you in this life; to bring you a new growth of being, to express yourself in the myriad of ways that exemplify who you are, which is a grand and beautiful being.  So remember, every minute you have is a new chance to grow and become more of what you are inside, and that is divinity and love. – the Angels  12-24-09



5 responses to “On Christmas Day

  1. I love the angels, but do not know them very well. Is that a tailored message? Since Christ was not actually born on Christmas? How does that work? I often wonder if the angels just tell us what we want to hear. I don’t mean to ask such a…I’m gonna ruin this angel message question. It’s just something I’ve always wondered.

    • Hi Taylor!
      I believe the angels are using the reference to Christmas Day as we celebrate it as symbolizing the birth of Christ to remind us of the birth of the divine within us, the birth being our remembering the divinity that is within us. Does that make sense?

  2. dose emanual mean god with us or god in us?

  3. dose emanual mean god in us or god with us? ii have felt a overwelming feeling when in prayer at times, its so wonderful theres like it. i know its gods love. i beleave he gives us what we need, not always what we want. he knows what is good for us. beyound our understanding

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