Believe in Yourself


Believing in yourself is so important. Belief in that fact that you can do it, that you can accomplish the things you wish for yourself, is what makes the Universe flow in motion.  For your thoughts, your belief in what is, and will be, sets in motion the creation of those things that you most desire.  It is not a deliberateness of control, but a freedom of belief, that faith that you have God on your side, and that you will receive good things.   Now, in this time of busy-ness you tend to worry more.  So many things demand your attention.  This is when you feel you have the least control,  but in essence you have all the control at this time, because you are delivering your thoughts with intention and fervor.  So use your thoughts now to believe in the goodness that is meant for you.   Know that your strongest thoughts are what brings those things to you.  So when you are in doubt of where you are, what you should do, have faith that your destiny is on a path of reward and good things.  This will, in turn, bring all the wondrous gifts that the Universe wants to give you.  – the Angels 12-7-09


2 responses to “Believe in Yourself

  1. I like the new layout. It’s angel light!
    I agree: believing is key: in ourselves, in others, in the Universe. In the perfect unfolding of our lives. Keep the messages coming!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message with us. You always bring the good, I know some readers that always tell me the most negative things (which is ironic for a healer, isn’t it?) so I am thankful for the uplifting messages that you give.


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