Stories of Synchronicity

Intuition and Synchronicity – great article on inner divine guidance by Jane Collen.

Angel Message – Heaven Is In Your Heart

Angels come and go, to help others in the flow.

What we have to say rings true especially when you’re down or blue.

So when you wish to beat at heaven’s gate it is within your heart you must take.

Your being is so alive with love and where we are by your side.

Never fear, we are always here.

– Your Angels

copyright (c) 2012 LisaK.  Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Your Thoughts Can Create Global Peace

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What other aspects of studying energy should we be focusing on, other than what you have mentioned already?

To become in alignment with the energy, that not only created you, but is also you in your world and universe, you must constantly be creating the proper balance between you and your environment. To that end, it is vital that you are aware of what energies are useful to you, which ones are not. This can be the energies of other people, of your own thoughts, of what you eat, of what you wear, of what you watch on TV, what you listen to. Those energies do affect you in many ways, that you have not even begun to realize, because you are merely not aware of them.

To begin, you must be aware of the energy that you expose yourself from other people, since that is the energy, that you absorb most readily and easily. You are all social creatures, so you therefore absorb, naturally, through your need and desire to be with other people. If you were a creature of isolation, you would not seek out the comfort of others, you would not be clumped in cities and villages. In this, you must be aware of the energies that you do absorb from others. Most of the time you are unaware of other’s effect on you. So you become enriched or denuded of so called good energies that are vital for your happiness and well being. When you are unaware of the affects of others, you allow yourself to be drawn into situations where others can be draining on your good energy, or depleting you of needed positive thoughts. Twice in your history have you become so enmeshed in negative thoughts, molding together, in ways that could have lead to your destruction, but you have, fortunately, retained your positive ways of thinking, to allow yourselves to be swayed from disaster.

While it is human nature to have conflict and create mini-disasters for humankind, it is now vital that you become more aware of your ability to instantly create an en masse whirlwind of negative affecting energy, such that you rapidly magnify it’s effects until you are blinded by it’s destructive power, through the lust of it’s appeal to satisfy your anger or righteousness. Communication has become so swift, it now is possible for you all to create the global affects of wrong thinking very quickly.

So mind your thoughts, mind them well, so that you are not allowing them to take you afar in negative, depleting aspects of destruction. – The Angels via Lisa K.

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March 28, 2009

This is a channeled writing about the year 2012 from my Angels done in 2009.

2012 is neither a year to be feared nor worried about.  But so many of you have focused on its meaning that you have created within you a whirlwind of energies that are coming to a point of transition,  it is fine, it is a purposeful path where you have been listening to your soul’s guidance for a shift and renewal of connecting with God’s energies that flow through you as you. So in this, since you are each at different points in your perspective you will see that this particular point in time is sometimes a dramatic event, and others will not see it at all. But because of the recent events surrounding the global concerns of your world, there are many more minds which are focused on ‘what’s going to happen next?’  It is that focus that causes a ripple in the time fabric which then creates an event to occur.  But it will only be in effect for those who are most concerned about it.  For they do sense a change within themselves as well as a change together with others on your planet.  The shift will be highly energetic, and mostly within your mental realms, therefore it will not be easily noticed by those external to yourself.  You may experience it as a major change in how you view your life, or you may find it as a subtle awareness of a difference within you.  Others will not change at all and find your concerns over it overblown and of fallacy.  But because so many of you have requested that you experience a shift, because you are no longer tolerant of the life that you lead which leads you to dissastisfaction of things around you as well as within your life, you have requested and manifested this shift, this change.  It is a focal point for only those of you who wish it to be so.  As recent tides of your global economy has come together and now are affecting most people on your planet, this has created a synergy of energies which can now flow together to create great change.  It has already begun in shifting perspectives.  The opening of spirit and spirituality to encompass day to day life and it’s workings, as you put it, will become a fruitful response to your mass event, a coming together of consciousness.  It does permeate then through the Universe to manifest this change.  And many of you are already prepared for it, for your own experiences as well as your assisting others.


copyright © 2009 Lisa K.

What is life like after death?

Given the present views you have of life, things will change only in that you will no longer have a body that is flesh and blood.  You will have a body that is etheric, comprised of energetic-consciousness.   From your perspecitve you will not die, you will be given an expanded awareness of your being, in that, you will then discover you are more than you thought you were.  Your knowledge of your so called  Higher Self will become wider and deeper, in that you will become the expanded awareness of that vastness in scope.   You will retain your identity and your uniqueness, but you will find that it is easier to communicate so to speak with other beings since you will instantly know what it is they are ‘thinking’  but you are no longer thinking, you are more “being”.  Thinking requires a singularity of force that transcends through a time line process.  This singularity then focuses your mind-thoughts into a sequence of thoughts, or events that you call your thoughts.  There is more of a multi-time dimension aspect to your thinking, since time will no longer be linear.   You can be here and there at will, and seemingly at the same time.  So your perspective of reality will change.  It will be exciting at first to be free of the bonds of your physicalness.  But you will regain your state of usualness that you had, before you were physical, and quickly adapt.

You will see that there are others like you, that are noncorporeal, but you will now relate to them, as an awareness of being, rather than a separate and inconsistent being.  You will understand the intricacies of their thoughts, and how you and they relate in every movement of interaction.   It is a smoother relationship.  For you will not be able to hide your thoughts/feelings nor intentions.  So in this honesty you will therefore breed/necessitate compassion.

You will, again, still be an individual and have relationships with other individuals but you will have a deeper more meaningful harmony between your conscious understanding of who they are and what they mean to you.

Will our previous relatives and friends be there?  
All you have ever known and will ever meet will be there interminably because you cannot die and you cannot not be.  What form you take when you incarnate in a physical being does not change who you ultimately are, or more what you are.  Your change of clothing, is just that, a new suit that you wear.  But you must remember that you are much more than your suit, or what you would term “our body”. You are bigger, grander and larger than that.  So that part of you which is “outside” your body as well as in your body, is and always will be accessible to all others.  So your friends and relatives who have passed before you, are there, accessible to you, as they always are.  It is a matter of awakening, to open eyes that you didn’t know you had.

Now for the matter of reincarnation, you fear that those who have left before you, then won’t be there when you return “home”.  You will meet them again, only because time does not truly exist.  It only exists in your perspective of the physical world.  The world is beyond the physical, it is only one cube of dimension, that is part of a much larger perspective.  When you die, that perspective then returns, and you see all of the individuals in their past selves, as well as their future and currrent beings.  So they do not leave, for they never left.  For you haven’t left either, you are just not aware.

Are there no bodies no faces?
At first there are bodies and faces, but you become to realize that those bodies you had in your physical life, is not a body that you own, it is merely a concept that allows you to relate to a boundary of where you stop and someone else begins.  That boundary becomes less distinct in your expanded consciousness of energetic-consciousness.  You are then aware of a being that extends out truly indefinitely, but with less distinct lines of demarcation.  Faces are there for you to recognize who you “left” behind when you were physical, but you soon see these faces in a different light, a different recognition of the individual/person, you begin to recognize their energy on all levels of awareness, your senses become multitudinal.  For those senses are now etheric and pure energetic-consciousness.  Just as you sometimes know that someone is standing next to you, and you know it is your friend or your loved one, it is like that, but beyond description. It is more expansive.

 What is consciousness like?  Are there no longer conflicts?
Consciousness is a “being” that cannot be described in words.  It is a limited way of describing something that is indescribable through words.  So to give you some indication of what you may experience, it is like a new realization of a world around you,  it is an expandedness that you never experienced before in the physical.  The physical makes you feel as if you are so contracted, so limited in your awareness of not just being, but also of conscious understanding of the things going on around you.  You cannot be, feel, and understand everything, as things are happening at once.  But this is the contraction you must be in, to understand the physical linearity of the world you are in when you are in body.  So then, consciousness then becomes faster, more fleeting in that you will raise your vibration when you leave your body, you will then be conscious of things that race at a pace that is blinding for you now. But when you are in that higher vibration you will easily follow those racing images, thoughts, feelings, and awareness.  This is how you are able to conceive of things that seem inconceivable now.

Conflicts are a matter of perspective in your world now.  It is that you feel you do not agree with another.  But then, it is also an aspect of your not being aware of the entire situation, including the perspective of the person or thing you are in conflict with.  So your perspective of things will change, such that conflicts are no longer defined as an understanding that does not match, for in your expanded state of awareness, you will be understood in all matter of things, at many, many levels.  It becomes an overall understanding, and therefore, it is no longer a disconnect, but rather a deeper understanding of the situation.- the Angels

copyright © 2011 Lisa K.

Angel Guidance

Angels are always with us, giving us guidance in many ways, not always through channeled words. When you are out and about, you too are given guidance all the time through signs, synchronicities that everyone can experience. Some times it’s just an urge to do something, a feeling of being drawn in a direction or an action. It doesn’t jar you, but is a gentle nudge, or you feel a strong attraction. There is no special skill required to receive your guidance from your angels.

Do you notice when your angels are sending you messages? given you guidance, telling you which way to turn or where to go?

One day, on our trip in Brussels, Belgium, my son looking at the map, on a spur of the moment, wanted to go to see the Parliament of the European Union which is headquartered in Brussels. Planning out a route using the subway, my son figured we can get there in 3 quick stops. So we headed to the subway station. Buying a ticket proved a bit tricky. There was no ticket booth, only ticket machines. After figuring out the type of ticket we wanted and where to go, the machine asked for 5.40 Euros for the three of us one way. The machine only took coins and credit cards. We had 4 Euros in coins and a credit card, which we tried to use. The problem is, all automated machines in Europe only take credit cards with a smart chip, all US credit cards only have a magnetic strip, so our card was refused.

As we stood there realizing that there’s no way for us to get a ticket without a credit card with a smart chip or more coins, my husband said, “Well, I guess that means we weren’t meant to go today.”

Then, as we stood there for a while figuring out what to do next, a stranger came up to us, handed my husband a ticket and said (in English), “This ticket is still good for one more ride.”

My husband thanked him, as the man walked away. I said, “But that won’t help we need three tickets.” Then it dawned on both of us at the same time, wait, we can use the 4 Euros for two of us and the one ticket to get us there! Voila! And off we went.

We had a great time at the EU Parliament, as we arrived there we were placed right in front of the EU Information Center. There was a library there with all the information about the European Union in many languages including English. The wonderful librarians there were even kind enough to give us a free book on the history of the European Union and it’s location in Brussels.

Then, as guidance would have it, the subway station we arrived at and then departed from happened to have a manned ticket booth so we were able to get tickets for the train ride back to our hotel.

Being guided by spirit or your angels allows you to be a little more adventurous if you only trust it! You may have a wonderful time in where you’re taken.


Relax and Go Easy

You must take the time to not be so hard on yourself.  That you want to do so much at once is not a good thing for your body.  So relax and go easy.  There should be more practice on the flow of life, rather than the working at it.

So if you let life bring to you what you need and have more faith that things will come to you, then you will see and believe that there is much more going on than just what you think you make happen.

In effect, you do make these things happen, it is just not with your conscious will and your hands on work, it is with your inner mind and the connection you have with source and it’s grandeur.

That is the best way to flow and make things in your life go the way you wish. It is a clear path for you that is free from obstacles, that does not have stops or gaps. You can just move freely, from one end to another.

– the Angels

copyright © 2010 Lisa K.

Bringing In The Tide


When you fear that good things wash way and that your wealth and health have gone out to sea, remember that all of the Universe is made up of God and God is good.   While you may feel the lack of one thing that was gone when the tides return you may receive a different treasure, blessed by the sands and washed up on the shore for you to discover.  Just as the ebb and flow of the tides come and go every day, so do your life’s ebbs and flows come and go.  Remember that all things are neither good nor bad, they just are reflections of change and renewal of all that God wishes for you in goodness and in growth of spirit. – the Angels 2-10-10 © Lisa K.

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What is Life all about?


What is Life all about?

How do you go about living? Why is it that life seems like a strange conundrum, a puzzle, a riddle to figure out? Whence you came from is where you go back to, in fact, you do not return but you realize that you are here to begin with. It is not a search but a discovery.

Discovering for yourself makes it more real, more just, more emphatic that it is the truth, for it becomes Your truth.

So in searching for your truth you discover who you are, and who you are is who you’ve always been, and therefore it no longer is a mystery. It is merely an awakening, a remembering, a Becoming to Be.

So we return back to life, how do you go about living? By discovery.

–  Lisa K.’s Guides copyright © 2010 Lisa K.

On Christmas Day


Born on Christmas Day was Christ to give you a remembrance of your own birth of God within you, so you may grow into the fullness of what your soul doth has for you in this life; to bring you a new growth of being, to express yourself in the myriad of ways that exemplify who you are, which is a grand and beautiful being.  So remember, every minute you have is a new chance to grow and become more of what you are inside, and that is divinity and love. – the Angels  12-24-09